Sunday, 20 June 2021

Flaming June?: Day 3

We had a lovely evening with Catherine, Nigel, Grace, and Matthew last night.  During the evening, the three Gayton hire boats which had apparently been turned around, came past — at a speed which made big waves in the long pound, and had the boat bobbing up and down long after they had disappeared.  Shortly after the family had left, I had a call from Nigel asking me to bring a windlass down, as the locks down the flight had gates and paddles open.  One pound was a couple of feet down.  While the family shut the gates, I closed the paddles and then ran some water into the low pound.

It was fairly murky when we set off at just after 8.30 this morning.  We knew a boat was going down in front as we’d seen them a while before, so the first locks needed turning.

We did meet a couple of boats coming up.  One of the locks has a good crop of cow parsley growing on the bottom gates.

The familiar plod back to the marina went by without incident, although it did begin the drizzle a bit.  The lapwings were in the same field where I saw them on Friday, and this time I managed a heavily zoomed photo.

The turn back into the marina and then into our berth went well.  We were back by 11.30, so did the packing up, had an early lunch, and headed for home at 12.30.

5 miles, 5 locks.  (20 miles, 14 locks)

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