Friday 6 November 2015

Krystina on test

My boat test of Krystina by Bourne Boat Builders is in the December issue of Canal Boat.


Monday 2 November 2015

Night on board

I came up to the boat this afternoon. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow morning in Leighton Buzzard, and concluded that driving up here today would be preferable to tackling the M25 at rush hour tomorrow. The weather was extraordinary, with periods of warm sunshine, and other places where there was thick fog; the temperature en route ranged from 10 Celsius to 17.

Highlight of the afternoon was meeting our next door neighbours on Hector for the first time. It may also be the last time, as they've reluctantly taken the decision to sell the boat. It's a very good looking Roger Farrington tug, and will soon be on with Rugby Boats.

It was pretty chilly in the murk here at the marina, so I've got the fire going well, and have had the Eberspacher going to give me some hot water. I've spent the afternoon cracking on with writing the latest boat test.