Wednesday 21 October 2020


I came up to the boat this morning after a very early but short shift at work.  I’d brought with me a surprisingly large cargo of new foam cushions for the dinette.

The old cushions were probably original to the boat, so were a bit flat to say the least.  Getting them out of the covers was easy, but I was a bit worried the new ones might be a bit more tricky to get back in, given that they were so much thicker.  Fortunately it was pretty easy — and it turned out my measurements were correct.  Sitting at the dinette now feels like a completely different experience!  Not only can you not feel the wooden slats, but the view looks different just for being a few inches higher, and air seems thinner!

To get rid of the old foam, I researched nearby tips, and found that the one at Northampton was about the only one that was both open today and didn’t need a booking.  Possibly thanks to it being a very rainy day, there were very few people there.  Tomorrow morning we have a boat test set up, and the weather is meant to be a lot better.

Saturday 10 October 2020

Momentous on test

The November Canal Boat is out, and includes my boat test on Momentous by Trinity Boats.