Saturday 25 May 2024

Crick Show: Day 2

Adrian was again working with Braidbar. I got on with writing up the short boat reviews, in a few spells across the day, so I didn’t have to do them all at once. I also walked into the village to get some things from the Co-op. 

One special event on the Braidbar stand was a presentation to Sheila Napier, who’s leaving the waterways and moving back to land, after 50 years of boating, 20 of them on three Braidbar boats. She and her late husband Bruce set up the Braidbar Owners’ Group. She was given a lovely bread board with pictures of the three boats on it. 

In the evening, we went for pie and mash in the Snug, and shared a table with a man from Canada and a couple from the US. In the evening, we came back for the Elton John tribute act.

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