Tuesday 30 May 2023

Post-Crick: Day 1

We set off at 8 this morning, with me walking down to the top Bucky lock and Adrian bringing the boat.  It was grey and rather chilly — last week lulled us into a false sense that we were already in summer.  As I got to the lock, I could see that two boats were about to go down.  They turned out to be being moved by CW Boat Mover so I knew they were going to be efficient.  I went and opened a bottom gate for them, and later they lifted some paddles for us which was very kind of them.  As we waited for the lock to re-set, a boat came round the corner.  The couple on Venitia had been moored on the Braunston side of the junction, saw us, and got themselves moving!  They were very good locking partners, and we made rapid progress.  Eventually we started meeting boats coming up.

At the bottom, the boats being moved were moored outside Whilton, and Venitia was stopping for diesel, but we carried on.  We stopped for water between Weedon and Stowe Hill, and even though we haven’t topped up since Thursday, it didn’t take too long to fill up.  We also got a wash load on, to reduce the amount of dirty clothes we’re taking home.  We had lunch on the move, and then stopped for the night on the piling before Nightingales Bridge, which is a favourite spot.  It’s the sort of place you start off on your own, and then more people join you later in the day.  It was only 2pm and we could have gone further, but it was really quite cold and windy, and we have time for the rest of the journey tomorrow.  We have the trains for company, and among them has been a Greater Anglia branded one, which was empty and looked as though it might have been brand new and been on its way to its home area.  

During the afternoon, Adrian has checked my Crick boats reports and they have gone off to the editor, and I have made an apple crumble.  We’d thought the wide towpath here would be ideal for getting the Cobb barbecue out, but with the sun having failed to make an appearance I think it will be sausages and roasted veg in the oven instead.

12 miles, 7 locks.  (86 miles, 37 locks)

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