Monday, 29 May 2023

Crick Show: Monday

It was pretty grey and cold this morning.  We went for a walk up the steps by the tunnel and into the village, then through the Millennium Wood and up Cracks Hill.  There’s a massive solar farm beyond the canal in the Rugby direction, and we also got a view of the show site in the opposite direction.

We went over to the show site for a further wander round, and watched Mark from Brinklow playing in the Aquavista stand.

We had lunch and some doughnuts, then returned to the boat where Adrian made a chilli for this evening.  I needed to go back to see who the winners were of the public votes for Favourite Widebeam and Favourite Narrowboat.  The wide title went to the Bespoke Boat Co, and Braidbar won the narrowboat title, much to their delight.

I dashed back to the boat and we set off at 3pm, straight into the tunnel, and then onto Watford Locks.  There were a couple of boats ahead of us about to go down, and we followed them, so the wait was pretty short.

At the bottom of the staircase a boat was waiting to go up, so we could leave the gates open, and another boat was waiting at the very bottom so we could leave those gates too.  We carried on, first trying to moor by Bridge 3, but the stern was sitting on the bottom way out, so we gave up.  There’s room for three boats there, but the two already there weren’t as far forward as they could have been.  We got a spot just before Norton Junction, though, so it worked out ok in the end.

5 miles, 7 locks.  (74 miles, 30 locks)

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