Monday, 3 October 2022

Stowe Hill

We were seduced by yesterday’s warmth and didn’t light the fire last night — which meant the boat was pretty cold by this morning.  Adrian was up and off to work very early.  I had a more relaxed start to the day, and then drove up to Rugby Boats at Stowe Hill for a boat test.  When I got back at lunchtime, the marina ducks were making the most of the sunshine on our pontoon.

This afternoon I have been writing up the boat test, and then went for a long walk, down to Cosgrove Lock, across the fields to the mill, back to the aqueduct, and back along the canal.  Then I noticed there was another footpath from Cosgrove on the other side of the canal, so I used that for a change.  Some is not very user friendly though, so I think I’ll stick to the towpath next time.

I’ve also been doing to packing up and have begun loading the car, to make for a quick getaway straight to work tomorrow morning.

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