Thursday 20 June 2024

June weekend: Day 1

I came up to the boat after a night shift.  I dozed off on the train, so the journey seemed quick, and I got to Wolverton at 8.12.  I set off walking along the towpath to the marina, which took just under an hour; it was already sunny and very warm.  After doing a few jobs around the boat, I set off just after 9.30.  The fuel boats, which I’d walked past at Cosgrove, were servicing some of the boats on the outside of the marina.  I considered stopping to change a gas bottle, but thought it might be a bit complicated.

It was a beautiful morning to be boating.  When I got to Cosgrove Lock, it was almost empty so needed filling.

By the time I was going into the lock, a boat had arrived below, so they helped and I didn’t need to shut the gate.  I carried on to Wolverton, arriving almost three hours after I’d walked through there.  Now I had hot water, I had a shower and a change of clothes, then went to Tesco to get food for the next few days.

Back at the boat I had lunch, then about 12.30 set off again, heading for the winding hole at New Bradwell.  I turned around and re-traced my steps.  After about 45 minutes I was going through Wolverton again.  When I got back to Cosgrove Lock I turned around again.  I’d been planning to top up with water, but realised I didn’t have a BW key with me; we have at least three, but because I travelled light they’re all at home!  I moored up in the first spot below the lock — Adrian is on his way here, so I wanted to be as near to car access as possible.

I’m only a mile from the marina, but I’ve done six miles to get here!

6 miles, 1 lock.

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