Friday, 5 August 2022

Blacking Weekend: Day 1

I came up to the boat after work and Adrian came up from home, doing shopping on the way. I arrived just after 11 and Adrian about 45 minutes later. We then went and dropped off a car at Stoke Bruerne locks. Back at the boat, we set off and headed north. It was warm when the sun was out, but also quite blustery, although fortunately not while I was turning out of the marina. It took the usual hour and a half to get to the bottom of Stoke Bruerne — where we had help in the form of Jenny and Pete from Momentous who were moored at the top. We were joined up the locks by a family on a Gayton hire boat, who’ve been hiring for thirty years and had been to London and back. There was even some synchronised boating.

The Momentous dogs, Sassie and Frisbee were great fun  Frisbee likes going back and forth across the lock gates.

We moored up at the top, along towards the tunnel, and Jenny and Pete came along for a cup of tea as a small thank you for their help. Plus we had a good chance to catch up of course. Then while I set off through the tunnel, Adrian walked back down to the car and drove to Blisworth. There was nowhere to moor in the village, but we’ve slotted into a very tight space just before Bridge 49. 

9 miles, 7 locks

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