Monday, 3 May 2021

Spring Cruise: Day 11

With bad weather forecast, especially strong winds this afternoon, we made another early start at 7.30 — or we would have if it hadn’t taken a few minutes battling to get away from the side.  All three of the Soulbury Locks needed filling, and I also had to run some water down to the first pound.  At the bottom lock, something happened which we’ve never seen before: a heron landed on the boat, and only took off as we were leaving.

At one bridge, the parapet which was complete a week ago was now demolished.  Some brick and some big red plastic barriers were in the bridge hole, as we discovered as we bounced over them.

At around 11, the rain started.  At times it was heavy, and occasionally horizontal.  It was also very cold in the strong wind. At one point, I could smell that someone was making grilled cheese sandwiches.  It turned out it was Adrian.

Getting into and out of Cosgrove lock was a battle with the wind.  When we got back to the marina, the wind was in its usual direction, straight down the pontoons, so I figured it would be just as easy to get in backwards as normal, as going in forwards.  The wind help me line up with the gap.  We were back at 2.45; Adrian had done the packing as we came along, so we quickly loaded the car and headed home.

This has not been quite the trip we imagined.  One night in Aylesbury turned into six, and our leisurely four day journey back to the marina became a two day dash.  But most of all, we’re thinking about the family of the man who lost his life; a man has been charged with his murder, and we’re waiting to see if the police need to see us again.

17 miles, 6 locks.  (73 miles, 76 locks)

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