Monday, 23 December 2013

Stormy weather

I came up to the boat this morning -- leaving home a bit earlier than planned in order to try to miss the worst of the weather.  It seemed to get less stormy as I travelled north, although it deteriorated during the afternoon.

I'm here because I'm working for the next four days, and the marina is closer to work than home is.  Adrian is visiting family over the next few days, and is due here on Friday.  Next weekend, we're hoping we might get a couple of days out of the marina.

I got here late morning, got the fire going, and unpacked.  Once the fire was established I went into Milton Keynes to do some shopping.  Back at the boat, I put our Christmas cards out on the shelves, and got the christmas lights out of storage.

At times, the rain was so hard on the roof I could hardly hear myself think.  The water level also seems pretty high.  I'm hoping it'll be a bit calmer tomorrow morning so I can top up the water tank before I head to work.


Carrie said...

The blue lights look lovely!

Halfie said...

We might see you then - we're planning to be on board from Friday for a few days.

Yvonne said...

Sorry to hear you have to work, I'll listen out for you. No doubt you'll make up for it at New year.
Best wishes
Yvonne & Roger