Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

It was pretty difficult to sleep last night, thanks to the heavy rain and the howling wind.  Things started to get bad late in the evening, and by the early hours the noise of the wind was tremedous.  The boat was being rocked about too.  Then, I'm not sure what time it was, I woke up and it was completely silent.

This morning, the boat was on a slight tilt as the water level has risen so much.  I had to slacken off the ropes a bit.  Normally, our back counter is on a level with the jetty, or even a bit below -- so you can see how much higher than normal the level is.

The road along the marina is also under water.  I've just been speaking to the owner, Roy, who'd just been to check the drain -- and says it's flowing at full capacity, but clearly can't quite cope with all the water coming off the fields.  He's also been along checking the ropes of all the unoccupied boats.

I've filled the water tank and emptied the ash bucket this morning, and before long I'll be off to work.  I'm hoping that if I bank the fire up enough, it'll still be in when I get back late tonight.


Neil Corbett said...

How sad that you are working and won't be able to spend Christmas with Adrian. I hope your post Christmas trip will make up for it. We will look out for you when we watch the news - now we know exactly where you sit :-)
Hope you both have a good Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Kath & Neil (nb Herbie)

Jill, Matilda Rose said...

A bit lively last night!!

A merry Christmas to you both - it's a shame that you'll not be together.
I'll listen out for your dulcet tones on the evening news tonight

Halfie said...

Ooh - I left Jubilee tied fairly tightly. Encouraging that Roy has been checking the ropes.

Happy Christmas to you and Adrian.