Monday, 30 December 2013

Being visited and being visitors

Coming back into the marina yesterday was undoubtedly the right decision, because the weather today has been pretty foul: strong winds and heavy rain this morning, and the wind continuing even when the rain stopped.  There have been waves on the marina, and the moorhens have looked a bit perturbed at bobbing up and down so much.

This morning my second cousin Catherine and her family came to visit.  We'd offered to meet them somewhere, but Matthew (who's nearly five) wanted to come to the boat.  He and Grace (and, I suspect, mum) had made some delicious chocolate brownies to bring with them.  It was really nice to have some time to chat, because we really didn't get much chance yesterday at Stoke Bruerne.

Then this afternoon we became the visitors, going to find Jill and Graham who'd moved on to Blisworth.  It turned out that when we turned at Gayton Juction yesterday we were only about a hundred yards from them, but didn't realise.

Tomorrow I need to be up at a ridiculous time to be at work for an early shift.  Adrian is planning to pack up the boat and head home, and I'll go home after work too.  We've had only a couple of days out on the cut, but it's still felt like a nice break.

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