Sunday, 15 December 2013

Breezy evening

I came up to Thrupp Wharf after working an early shift.  It was dark by the time I arrived, and it's also pretty breezy.  In fact at the moment, it sounds as though it's blowing a hooly out there.  The temperature was 12 Celsius when I got here, but the boat was pretty chilly.  I've lit the fire and had the Eberspacher going to take the chill off.  The first thing I noticed was that the smoke detector was beeping.  It means the battery is going - and it's not replaceable, so we'll need to get a whole new unit.  I had to look up the instructions t find out how to stop it emitting a loud beep every 40 seconds.

I'm here because we were due to be doing a boat test tomorrow.  That's now been moved to Tuesday, which should be a better day.

One job for tomorrow will be to try to find a charging cable for the camera.  I couldn't find it at home so assumed I must have accidentally leftbit on board; but it's not here either.  Annoyingly, the TZ40 has a battery which is a very slightly different shape from the previous camera; it also has to be charged while it's still in the camera, which makes no sense to me, and the jack is not the same as most phone chargers.  So I guess a quick trip to Milton Keynes is on the cards for tomorrow to see if I can find the right cable somewhere.

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Mike Todd said...

Just bought TZ40 and found same issue, but had ordered a spare battery at same time as camera. However I have now managed to get a separate charger via internet.