Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A day in Cheshire

As I left the marina in the dark at 7.15 this morning, there was an incredibly big, bright moon -- and the reflection off the water was pretty special.

The drive up to Cheshire was lovely and sunny, and the satnav took me a way I wasn't expecting up through the Derbyshire Dales.  The boat test was carried out in nice winter sunshine and with hardly a breath of wind.  The photos should be good, as the Macclesfield Canal looked very pretty.

I'd expected to have to dash home to go to an event tonight, but I had an email to say it had been postponed.  So I rang my sister to see if the family was at home.  They were just about to go and watch Rachel in her nativity play (she was playing a sheep, hence the black nose), so I met them at their home after that.  We took the dogs for a walk in the fading light, and I had a good couple of hours playing with the girls and reading stories.

It's been a very enjoyable day -- and not at all what was planned.  A four hour drive and I'm now back home.

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