Monday, 16 December 2013

Out to lunch

The stormy weather continued well into the night, and it was still pretty windy this morning.  First thing, I drove into Milton Keynes and bought a universal battery charger.  This needs the battery to be out of the camera, so I'll try to get an additional battery as a spare.

My lunch date was with Jill and Graham from Matilda Rose. I was able to help Graham with a car shuffle en route, and we then went to the boat at Weedon.

We had an excellent couple of hours talking about their plans, which are now well advanced, for taking the boat to France early next year.  Looking at the map, I was surprised at how extensive the canal and river network is in France, and how many other countries you can get to.  It was really great to see Jill and Graham and Daisy, Baxter, and Mutley -- over a lovely relaxed lunch on board.

The position of the boat also allowed me to have a look at the aqueduct at Weedon, which we must have been over numerous times, but which I've never seen from below.  The embankment here is really quite high.

On the way back I stopped at Baxter's and stocked up on a few bags of coal to see us through the Christmas period.  Tomorrow, a fairly early start is required to head north for the boat test.  The forecast is still for a nice sunny day.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could ask Jill and Graham to write something for canal boat about their travel plans and all other associated things! Paula

Anonymous said...

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