Thursday, 20 September 2012

Guest crewing

With Adrian spending time with him mum, I've taken up a very kind invitation to join the crew of Chance.  This morning, I drove to Alvechurch where I left the car, and got three trains.  The first took me to Birmingham, including the stretch alongside the canal through Bourneville; the second retraced ninety per cent of the route (although without stopping), before going to Droitwich; the third was a ten minute journey to Kidderminster.  There I found Chance moored near Tesco.

This afternoon, we made the short hop to Stourport, with just a couple of locks on the way.

Having moored above York Road Lock, we went for tea with Bob and June on Autumn Myst, which is moored a couple of boats away, then went for a walk around the basins, and through the town.  There are some lovely cottages down towards the river.

The town has nothing much to recommend it.  We did eventually identify a place for dinner tonight, though.

4 miles, 2 locks.

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Alice ~ writer, traveller, dreamer said...

Looks like you are enjoying a beautiful part of the canal - enjoy!