Friday, 28 September 2012

Dusk locking

Second post of the day, because at about a quarter to six, I noticed that Sickle had moved off the lock mooring.  I grabbed a windlass and went to help.  Cath was just arriving from work as the boat rose in the first lock.

Ahead of us, three coal boats were loading and offloading stock at the next lock.  In the end, Towcester and its butty went up first, and Sickle paired up with Southern Cross, steered by its owner Ryan, for the rest of the flight.  The sun was catching the tower of Grafton Regis church on the horizon.

There were still hire boats from Gayton coming down.  Of course there was nowhere for them to moor as the place is chocca block; they'd have been better off stopping at Blisworth.

By the time we got to the top lock it was pretty much dark, and Stoke Bruerne looked very atmospheric with the large number of boats and the smoke rising from their chimneys.


Anonymous said...

Stoke Bruerne, one of my favourite spots, and everyone else's as well by the look of it....

Please pass my regards to Adrian - I assume he's still with his mum - hope things are as ok as they can be in these circumstances.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Alan Fincher said...

Some great pictures there, Adam.
Very good of you too, to not to mention the small incident in our back cabin, involving a newly lit range and "baked" hanging plates!

Alan & Cath ("Sickle").

Adam said...

Hi Alan -- if you want the photos, feel free. I thought it was your place to tell the tale of your own disasters -- although I note that you kept quiet too!