Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cosgrove again

I came up to Briar Rose after work this afternoon.  I got away from London quite early, and arrived at about 3.30.  The corn field above the marina has been harvested, so the boat was covered in dust.  The cratch was also full of little bits of straw.

The reason for being here is that I have a boat test in the area scheduled for tomorrow.  Of course that means that the sunny weather is coming to an end, so I had a chat with Andy the photographer about what we should do -- because cloudy days don't make for good photos.  We'd both like to get another test in the bag, so we've agreed that we'll go ahead, unless it looks really awful in the morning, in which case we'll postpone.  Having checked again, the forecast for the week ahead is completely different from a couple of hours ago, so we might be lucky tomorrow.

Not being a fan of staying in the marina, I got the boat ready and set off.  I only come down to Cosgrove, so that I can easily walk back to the car tomorrow morning, but there was plenty of room and I'm moored in my favoured spot, opposite the permanent moorers.  Since I've been here, quite a few boats have gone past, including a dayboat being overtaken by a kayak.

Once I'd moored up, I got the broom out and swept the side of the boat and the roof.  It needs to be washed really, but as least it's got rid of the worst of the straw, and the multitude of cobwebs.

It's quite windy, so that could make turning and getting back into the marina interesting, but I'll deal with that tomorrow.

1 mile, 0 locks.

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Anonymous said...

Cobwebs - the bane of our boat at the moment - if you're ever at a loose end then come and visit ID - don't forget the broom! :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream