Friday, 27 April 2012

Annual Report

It was on 27 April last year that large amounts of money left our bank account and we became the owners of Briar Rose.  It wasn't until a couple of days later, Royal wedding day, that Adrian went up to Brinklow to take possession of the boat and go for the first trip.  I was delayed a couple more days, because of work getting in the way.

But in the first year of ownership we have covered 878 miles and 486 locks, and done 400.2 engine hours.  We have spent 95 nights on board.

We have travelled on the following waterways:

  • Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
  • Birmingham Canal Navigations New Main Line
  • Coventry Canal
  • Grand Union Canal Mainline
  • Grand Union Canal Paddington Arm
  • Grand Union Canal Wendover Arm
  • Hertford Union Canal
  • Lee and Stort Navigation
  • North Oxford Canal
  • Regents Canal
  • River Avon
  • River Severn
  • River Thames
  • South Oxford Canal
  • Stratford Canal
  • Tame Valley Canal
  • Walsall Canal
  • Wednesbury Old Canal
  • Worcester and Birmingham Canal
Not bad for a year!


Anonymous said...

It was worth buying your own boat then :-)

Here's to 2012's cruising!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Yarwood said...

Right decision then, but it was always going to be wasn't it?
Well done.
X Lesley

Ian and Karen said...

Very good for part timers!
What do you have planned for this year?

Adam said...

Sue and Lesley -- oh yes, certainly the right decision!

Karen and Ian -- plans include a few days in May, Crick show in June, and a couple of weeks in September. Quite where we go then partly depends on what's still open by then!

Nick Holt said...

Wow, an enviable first year's total - well done - I wish we were likely to get even slightly close to your total in our first year owning nb. Eileen, but with our twin three year olds it seems rather unlikely... they're at the stage of preferring feeding ducks to long cruises... still you're setting the bar, so here's to a great year ahead...

best wishes