Sunday, 1 April 2012

Moving weekend - Day 4

Last night we walked up to The Boat where we all had a very good dinner.  It was a great way to end our few days travelling with Chance.

This moring there was a light frost on the grass, so it had been cold overnight.  Some way through our showers, we realised we were very low on water, and soon afterwards the taps ran dry.  So, while I cooked a Sunday morning fry-up, Adrian reversed us past a couple of boats onto the water point and we filled the tank while we ate.  It's a very fast tap, so it was only about 35 minutes before we were full again.

It was a beautiful morning as we set off, with bright sunshine and blue skies.  The first landmark is Grafton Regis chuch, up on the hill above the canal.  After that, the landscape flattens somewhat, giving lovely huge skies.

As we approached Kingfisher Marina, we spotted Caxton (soon to be renamed The Manly Ferry by the new owners).

We stopped at Yardley Wharf for diesel.  It wasn't quite 10am, so we waited until they were open, and liked the closed sign.

All along this stretch, the spire of Hanslope church can be seen on the horizon.

Before long, we were at our new home of Thrupp Wharf Marina.  I reversed in, and backed onto our pontoon.  The owner and the resident harbour master were there to greet us, as it's quite a busy weekend of comings and goings.  Once we were settled, I got the car out of the car park and drove Brian and Mike back to their car at Brinklow so that they could head home.  I noticed that our neighbour there has already moved across onto the pontoon we vacated!

Back at Thrupp Wharf, we had lunch on the well deck (we can see boats going past on the canal, which was impossible at Brinklow), and then had a walk round the marina.  It's a lot smaller and is very quiet.

We're spending the afternoon pottering about.  We'll have dinner on board, then head home at a time designed to miss the traffic.  It's been a very enjoyable little trip, with all kinds of temperatures, but mostly some very good company.

5 miles, 0 locks.  (40 miles, 23 locks)


Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Congratulations on reaching your new home. Love the photos. Jo xx

David Oakes said...

What with full fry-ups for breakfast and the rest of the weekend meals, I am sure it is not the boating you go for! I take it the new moorings have a Tesco nearby and a deli! Enjoy

MakinWavesWaterCraft said...

Nice click !!!
Great to enjoy sunny afternoon on boat.