Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fenders ordered

It was my first night on board at our new moorings, and it proved to be exceptionally quiet.  There's a busy A-road not far from the marina, but the boats are protected by a bank and I didn't hear a thing.  The trains run some distance away on the other side of the canal, and I didn't hear them either.

This morning was a lovely sunny day, although with a cold breeze.  As I was there, I'd arranged to meet a man to talk about fenders.  Back in October we ordered new fenders from Tradline in Braunston, expecting them to be ready before we moved marina.  But, because of a series of unfortunate circumstances, they're way behind with the orders and gave us the option of cancelling.  Then someone on the Canal World Forum recommended Mick Betts, who lives on a boat at Cosgrove, just a couple of miles from our new location.  So he came and measured up and we should have a new set of fenders early next month.  I've ordered a button for the bow, and a tipcat and button for the stern -- which I think looks better, particularly on a traditional boat like Briar Rose.  The next challenge will be to get the old ones off: all the shackles are rusted solid.

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Neil Corbett said...

We got our bow fender from Mick, who did a good job, on time, and at a reasonable cost. Nice bloke too.