Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Bullion Run

I was home in time to go down to Chichester Canal Basin this afternoon, where the Chichester Canal Society were celebrating the 190th anniversary of the opening of the canal.  There was to be a re-enactment of the Bullion Run -- at one time the canal was used as part of the route for taking bullion from Portsmouth to the Bank of England in London.  In addition, I knew that Doug and James from Chance would be there.

I bumped into James on the towpath as we waited for the boats to arrive.  Neither of us was surprised that the very first boat into view was Doug and his friend Andrew.  Apparently no-one had told them it wasn't a race.

In all about thirty boats took part, mostly canoes and kayaks, but also a rowing boat carrying the man with the bullion.  There was some suggestion that he was the Mayor of Chichester, but I've looked up who the mayor is and it's not him.  Maybe he was just someone who likes dressing up.

There were also a couple of electrically powered gun boats, which fired loudly as they entered the basin.

Amazingly, these have an operator on board, who's virtually flat on his back and knows where he's going thanks to a little screen.

Once most of the bigger boats were out of the way, lots of radio controlled boats took to the water, including a galleon under full sail.

It was an enjoyable event, and it was nice to see the canal basin being well used.


Captain Ahab said...

Laying in one of those gunships must be so claustrophobic... wouldn't fancy that.

Halfie said...

Surely a target for the local yobbos who would also have no idea there was a human inside. Then again, I don't suppose they're navigated much in enemy waters, as it were.

Sarah said...

They'd get a surprise then wouldn't they!