Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Booked in

I came up to Thrupp Wharf this morning at the end of my night shifts.  The journey took a long time, thanks to heavy rain, and standing water and spray on the M1.

The purpose for the visit was to take Briar Rose a couple of miles along the canal so the local boat painter could have a better look at her (he had a quick look a couple of weeks ago, when we stopped at the wharf for diesel).  But with strong winds blowing straight across the marina, I decided that taking the boat out would be a bad idea -- not least because getting back in again could have been a real challenge.

So I went along by car, had a good meeting with the painter and booked a slot in October for BR to be repainted.  The slot only recently became free, because of cancellation.

This afternoon, I've done little apart from trying to stay awake.  I stay up after my last night shift, otherwise it takes days to get by body clock back to normal again.  The weather has been all over the place.  At one point the sun came out, but there have also been very heavy showers, and one a few moments ago included a helping of hailstones.

The only constant has been the gusty wind which had been rocking the boat on the jetty.  I'm staying on board tonight, and will go home in the morning.

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Halfie said...

We've had the torrents and the hail here in Norfolk too. Still, it must be topping up the reservoirs.