Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back to base

There was quite a lot of rain yesterday evening, which is the way it should be: fine days and wet nights.  This morning it's very sunny and calm, and I pulled away from my mooring at 8.30, and headed back under Cosgrove Bridge.

It's only a mile back to the marina so I was soon turning in.  I wanted to reverse onto the pontoon, but because of the way they're angled, that would mean turning around.  There's a turning point at the far end of the marina so my initial plan was to use that.  But there's actually penty of room along the whole marina length, so I decided to swing around in front of our berth.  I ended up with the bow on the far bank, and powered the stern around until I was correctly lined up, and got into the space without touching the sides.  I've no idea if such a manoeuvre is frowned upon, but no-one has come and shouted at me or told me the error of my ways, so I'm guessing it's fine.  Either way, I was all tied up by 9am.

One last thing I wanted to try while I was here was whether the hose pipe was long enough to reach from the tap, which is on the wharfside at the stern, to the tank, which is at the bow.  I remember when we had Debdale carefully winding at the end of the Ashby Canal and reversing onto the water point, only to find that the hose was shorter than the boat.  But this hose does reach, with a couple of metres to spare, so the tank is filling while I'm doing this.

There's not much packing to do, so I should be on the road home by 10, ready to get a sleep this afternoon before night shifts start tonight.

1 mile, 0 locks.  (12 miles, 0 locks)

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