Friday, 26 May 2017

Pre-Crick: Journey Day 3

The moorings at Bridge 27 were lovely; after dusk, we watched bats swooping about over the water catching insects. This morning was if anything even more sunny than yesterday. With very little distance to travel, we started a wash load before setting off, confident it would dry quickly during the day. On leaving our mooring, it was about half a mile or so to the winding hole just beyond the next bridge; having turned around, we retraced our steps back towards Crick. The countryside is pretty without beimg remarkable, and is dotted with wind turbines, which to my eyes, have a certain beauty.

When we got to Yelvertoft, We stopped to top up the water tank. We had to wait for another boat to finish, then just as we started two more boats arrived. There are two taps on the same post, though. There are also bins just along the path, so we could get rid of rubbish.

From there it was just another half hour to Crick. We'd spotted our mooring yesterday, and knew we'd be on the outside of Farne. We really wanted to be facing north, so the side hatch was on the water side, rather than up against the other boat, unable to be opened. So I did a quick turn into the marina entrance and reversed down the couple of boat lengths to our mooring. The whole manoeuvre couldn't have gone better, and we were soon tied up to the boats around us.

I went for a wander round the show site, speaking to lots of people, and after lunch we walked into Crick to get a few things from the Co-op. Sculptor, the boat from the Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum has just arrived and made the turn into the marina.

This evening we're going to The Moorings restaurant with the Braidbar bunch; it's the traditional start to Crick weekend.

6 miles, 0 locks. (37 miles, 21 locks)

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