Sunday, 21 May 2017

Pre-Crick: arrival

I needed to come up to the boat at some point this week as we're heading off to the Crick Show, so it seemed to make sense to come today after work. Both the two rail routes between home and work had engineering works today, so I drove to London (a very long and slow journey), then headed north after my shift. I was pleased to see that even at after 11pm, the batteries were at 100 per cent, charged entirely by the solar panel!


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Adam

Looking forward to seeing you both! Briar Rose is just in front of us in the Braidbar group, far end of Zone 1 from the tunnel, just before the main marina entrance.



Adam said...

That's good to know -- thanks, Bruce. We'll probably overshoot and come back to Crick on Friday.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Bugger! We missed you!
Look out on Monday/Tuesday for Unknown No 3 as they travel from Debdale through Crick. We are hooking up with them near Bridge 103 on the GU for the formation of our convoy to Stratford and then Gloucester...
Are we going to see you this season?

Adam said...

Hi Marilyn -- we're not setting out until Weds, so we'll probably miss Unknown No 3 too; we shared Buckby with them this last year. We'll be heading north in September -- maybe our paths will cross. We did Gloucester as our big trip in 2015, and loved it.