Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Post-Crick: Day 2

This morning it was Adrian who was awake early, so once again we set off at 7.15. The level in the pound had dropped a bit overnight, and the first lock needed topping up. After that, the next three locks were all full with their top gates open.

There was loads of water between the last two locks, and i had to run some away to allow the lock to make a level. Even so, we did the five locks in 50 minutes. The run back to the marina took the usual hour and a half. We pulled up outside the marina, as Adrian had to go home to work.

I carried on first to Cosgrove where the water point was free. I started a wash load, filled the tank, and got rid of rubbish. The tap was so slow i even had time to get the bucket out and wash and dry that side of the boat.

At Cosgrove lock another boat came along so that was easier. The lady refused to go to the other side of the lock because of the swans and geese, so we just used one gate to go in, and I moved over to the other side. We used just one gate to exit too. While we were going down, a Wyvern hire boat arrived above the lock, but didn't come to the lock landing. Instead it was in the trees, then at right angles to the lock, then out in the middle again. I assume they got to land eventually.

I continued to Wolverton, and tied up in the first available space. I've been to Tesco, and also polished the towpath side of the boat, so now we're pretty respectable both sides. When the boat behind left, I pulled back so I'm on the end of the rings. I had a sleep this afternoon, even though it was very hot, as I have to go to work tonight.

8 miles, 6 locks. (77 miles, 43 locks)

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