Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pre-Crick -- Day 2

It's been a really fantastic day's boating.  We were up pretty early, and set off at 7.45.  It was misty behind the boat.

The sun was already burning off the mist up ahead though, and it wasn't long before my fleece had to come off, then a couple of locks further up I changed into shorts, as the temperature was rising very nicely.

We did the first five locks of the Stoke Bruerne flight on our own, then joined a boat which had been moored in the long pound for the top two.  The couple on board have retired, rented out their house, and were on their way to Liverpool and Lancaster.  We were jealous!

Through the tunnel, we caught up with a Black Prince hire boat which was going very slowly.  Just one boat came the lther way.  A little way past Gayton Junction we past Windsor Castle, and i had a very quick chat with Alice and her daughter.  We were in a procession of boats, and her husband was hanging onto a rope for dear life as boat after boat came by as he tried to moor up!

It's a while since we've been past Gayton, so although the water through Bugbrooke, Nether Heyford, and Weedon is very familiar it didn't seem boring.  The sunshine helped, no doubt.  I steered, as Adrian had work to do.  At Whilton, a boat was going into the bottom lock as we approached, and apparently didn't spot us in spite of arm waving and horn sounding.  Still, they waited for us at the next lock, and it turned out to be the Blisworth Tunnel Narrowboats Crick show boat.

We made good progress up the locks, but decided to stop above the sixth lock as Adrian had a conference call at 3.30.  Having moored up, and with the shop just a few yards behind, it seemed rude not to go and buy ice creams.

The forecast for tomorrow seems to have improved a bit.  Anything better than a day-long soaking will seem pretty good.

17 miles, 13 locks.  (22 miles, 13 locks)

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