Sunday, 25 May 2014

Crick Show -- Day 2

Last night we went to see Toyah Wilcox.  She was pretty good, and the crowd was the biggest I've ever seen for the evening entertainment.

Today was much sunnier.  Andy and I looked at five widebeam boats, and because we started before the show opened, we were all done by about 10.30.  Adrian and I then had a look round the show, which seems smaller again this year.  We went back to BR for lunch, then both did work for an hour.  In the afternoon, we met up with Catherine and family, and popped over to the marina to see Chris and Steve who showed us round their boat, AmyJo.

In the evening we had a few people round for drinks.  Unlike last year when everyone turned up together, this time we had visitors strung out over the whole evening.  We ended up going for a food from the Chinese up at the show ground, eating it with friends on the back of a show boat.

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