Friday, 9 May 2014

Back to base

I walked down the towpath to the refuse point yesterday evening, and found that lots of boats had arrived and moored behind.  Cosgrove's moorings were still far from full, though.  Later on, the skies cleared, a half moon shone, and there were bats darting about above the water.

This morning it's sunny but breezy.  I set off at about 7.45 and was soon at the marina.  The wind was strongly down the marina; I knew it would blow the bow round, so I'd have to leave the turn late if I was to reverse into our berth.  We have a new neighbour, a short boat whose bow only comes up to our dinette window, and this made things easier.  I was able to get the stern in the jaws of the gap, and let the wind do the rest.

I'm just hoping that the sun is shining and the wind not so strong in Warwickshire in a couple of hours time, otherwise it'll be a tricky boat test.

1 mile, 0 locks.  (8 miles, 2 locks)

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