Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cosgrove again

Just like last Thursday, I've come up to the boat after night shifts because I have a boat test to do tomorrow.  Today, I was driving.  I stopped at Tesco's at Wolverton on the way, and arrived at the marina just before 10am.

I set off pretty much straight away, heading to Baxter's at Yardley Gobion, about half an hour away, for a pump out.  That was completed efficiently, so I winded in the marina entrance and began the journey back.  By now the clear skies had mostly clouded over.  As I always prefer to be out of the marina rather than in it, I carried on past Thrupp Wharf heading for Cosgrove.  I've never seen the moorings so empty: the only boat here was the CRT work boat and associated flats, which have been here for a good few weeks.  I winded above the lock; the cattle in the adjoining field were having a great time paddling in the canal.

With a choice of moorings, I picked a spot a couple of boat lengths along from the CRT boat.  As I had my lunch, another boat arrived, and faced with several hundred yards of available space, slotted themselves between me and the CRT boat.

This afternoon, a couple of CRT guys arrived and moved their boat just round the corner.  For what reason, I've no idea.

The sun has come out and it's been really warm.  I took a director's chair into the cratch and was tempted to have a sleep in the sunshine, but instead decided that with the weather improving I'd sweep the chimney and clean out the stove.  I got up on the roof with the chimney brush and got to work.  This is a job which creates what is known in technical language as a right mess, both on the roof and in the stove.  Having swept the roof, I set about the inside of the stove.  All the soot lands on a baffle plate which isn't removable, and has to be taken off by hand.  It's a messy business, and I needed a shower afterwards.

5 miles, 0 locks.

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nb Chance said...

Adam you should be able to remove your baffle plate if you lift the baffle plate up and remove the two side stones as the baffle plate just sits on them and the rear stone as well. The side stones may appear to be stuck in but thats because of the soot. James x