Thursday, 23 May 2013

Crick Trip - Day 3

We set off at 8amin sunshine.  I walked up to Buckby Top Lock, and turned it after a couple of boats had left.  Once we were up we stopped on the water point to fill the tank.  Then it was along to Norton Junction for the turn onto the Leicester Line.  The run to the bottom of Watford Locks always seems longer than we remember.

At the locks, I went to book in with the lock keeper, and he said we could come straight up after the boat in front, as there was no-one waiting to come down.  The boat in front was a hire boat, who for some reason hadn't started up the locks; when told they could go, they set off on the boat without setting the lock.  I went and emptied it for them, then worked them up.  The lock keeper had set the next lock, and worked that for them.  Eventually, they had to get off and wind a paddle or two themselves.

Our journey up the locks was pretty quick.  But the weather had worsened, and it was cold.

At the top of the locks, it started raining.  We did the short run to the tunnel, which is very close to Bridge 10.

The tunnel is nearly a mile long, but Crick is straight after it.  The moorings were in a state of confusion, as the temporary bridge across the canal was still being built, so we moored up and would move into our proper spot later.  During the next couple of hours, we had rain, hail, and sunshine.

Eventually the bridge was finished, as we and the other Braidbar boats moved into our slots right by the bridge.  In the middle of all this, when cold rain was falling, Jo and Keith on Hadar went past.  We are on the outside, breasted up to Ice Breaker.

Later in the afternoon, I went onto the show site and saw a few people I knew, including the owners and builder of the boat I tested last week -- so I was able to have a few questions answered.

It's been really cold this afternoon, and we've lit the fire.  Tomorrow, the forecast is pretty bad.

6 miles, 8 locks.  (27 miles, 21 locks)


Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...


We must have missed you by about 10 mins this morning! We left our mooring at Norton Junction at 8 and turned towards Braunston.

Enjoy the show we are hoping to come on Saturday for a wander around.


Captain Ahab said...

We are right behind you... - currently lurking on the locks side of the tunnel and will arrive early tomorrow morning. WB is weighed down with a full load of preserves. At last we will meet.