Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Crick Trip - Day 1

I finished my fourth night shift this morning, and drove from work up to the boat, arriving about 9.15.  After unpacking the car and putting things away, I made a list and drove to Tesco at Wolverton to do a big shop.  I called in at B&Q on the way back, to get a pack of screws.

Back at the boat, I started a few jobs.  First I installed a telescopic aluminium pole on the cratch, so we can put the freeview ariel higher.  Next I blacked the Squirrel stove, and it looks much, much better.  Then after lunch I washed and polished one side of the boat.  I used Bullet polish, which is a carnauba wax spray and was recommended by Julie from Muchgigglin when we shared locks a couple of weeks ago.  It's fantastic stuff, and is very quick to use.  One side took around half an hour.

There was plenty of activity in the marina.  A pair of swans with four cygnets came in; the was a tern diving and catching small fish, and there were swallows darting about.

The owner of the marina was around with the pump out tractor, so I had our tank emptied.  You don't get a rinse at all, but it is cheap.  Then I set off for Baxter's at Kingfisher marina for diesel.  The journey takes about 40 minutes; I took on 108 litres, but the price has dropped to 87p.  I also bought a bag of coal, in case it gets as chilly as they're predicting this weekend

On the way back, I moored near Bridge 62, so I could wash and polish the other side.  The boat really does look a lot better.  I then started a chili for dinner, which I left on the hob very low.

As I was about to set off back to Thrupp Wharf, a boat called Tumbleweed went by, and the helmsman said they read the blog, which was nice.  The journey back to the marina was uneventful, and getting back into our berth was fairly straightforward as there was no wind at all.

I'd been back about an hour when Adrian arrived, having driven up from work in Portsmouth.  It was about 6.15, and fairly pleasant, so rather than staying in the marina we headed off.  We've come just a mile to a nice spot just past Bridge 62, which I've used a few times before.  It's very peaceful and the birds are singing; but more than anything it's just nice to be out on the cut.

Fuel trip:  4 miles, 0 locks.

Crick trip:  1 mile, 0 locks.


Mike Todd said...

which polish item did you use?

Adam said...

Bullet spray. I've put a link in the blog.

Mike Todd said...

Yes, I looked there but they have a range of products and I was keen to know which you used - and which was sufficient for your boat - that's all.

Adam said...

It's the one that comes in a kit, with a spray bottle and two microfiber cloths. There's plenty left, even having done both sides.

Mike Todd said...

Thanks. I've now ordered some and will see how it goes on our next trip! Enjoy Crick - we've never been to the show.

James Oakey said...

Hi - just doing some research and found this blog. So pleased you like our Bullet products. Your link here links to a company who no longer supplies Bullet (their loss). Bullet is 'flying' in the boat world. Everyone loves all of the products and one man said he had been in the business all his life and never came across anything so good! Anyway, just to say you can get Bullet products from www.bulletpolish.co.uk or Midland Chandlers stock it. Stay safe Bulleteers! James Oakey, Bullet Polish Europe Ltd