Sunday, 26 May 2013

Crick Show - Day 2

It's been a fantastically warm and sunny day today, and the show has been busy.  I started the day by writing up some of the mini boat reviews, while Adrian went into the village to the shop.  We went over to the show site about 10.30, and I spent some time talking boats with the editor.

We came back to the boat at lunchtime.  The scaffolding bridge, next to which we're moored, is a very popular place for people to take in the views down the canal.  We've been looked at and photographed no end.

In the afternoon we had an ice cream, then met up with Neil and Kath from Herbie.  We went back to their boat along with the Halfies for tea and cake.

This evening we'd invited a number of boat builders and owners whose boats have been tested recently, onto Briar Rose for a drink.  I think we had about 12 or 13 people on board at one point.  By the time they'd all left we couldn't be bothered to cook, so we wandered over to the show site and had something from one of the food stalls.  We stayed to hear the Fleetwood Mac tribute band who were playing in the beer tent, and met up with the Herbies again.  They came back to BR for a drink afterwards.

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