Friday, 24 May 2013

Crick Show - Day -1

Last evening turned out surprisingly sunny so we went for a walk along the towpath and up Crack Hill.

There are great views from up there, including the show site.

This morning was cold and very windy.  We walked into the village to go to the shop, then mid morning went over t the show site to have a look at preparations for the show.  The conditions were far from ideal for putting up tents and marquees, and many people seemed to be struggling.  The layout of the show is very different this year, with most of the site now on what has previously been the car park.  We chatted to a few people, and finally met Captain Ahab of Wand'ring Bark.

This afternoon we've stayed on the boat keeping out of the weather.  It's been exceptionally windy, but we haven't had the heavy rain that was forecast.  Lots of boats have been past - some of them moving very quickly.  I know it's windy and you sometimes need a bit of extra power to stay in a straight line, but some helmsman have taken no account that they're passing a line of breasted up boats.  We're on the outside, and have been thrown around all over the place by some of them.  Among the boats was President and Kildare, who announced their approach with a steam whistle. They were churning up the water, but still didn't rock us as much as some of the more everyday boats.

This evening, we're eating at The Moorings, with the Braidbar Owners Group.

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Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Adam,
I've never been to Crick so I enjoyed the pictures. Hope you get some decent weather over the weekend for the rest of the boat show. Please give our regards to any and all CC'rs you come across.
Cheers to you and Adreain,