Saturday, 25 May 2013

Crick Show - Day 1

After I'd blogged yesterday, Andy and Helen from Wand'ring Bark called round for coffee and a rest, having spent their day setting up their stall at the show.  It was great to spend some time chatting to them.  In the evening we went to The Moorings with the Braidbar owners group, where we had good food and excellent company.

This morning I was on the show site at around 8am, and we started looking at boats as soon as Andy the photographer arrived.  During the course of the day, we looked at 22 boats; now all I have to do is write the up.

Our Eberspacher boiler has been playing up recently, so Adrian went to their stand for advice.  They recommended contacting Boating Leisure Services at Heyford Fields Marina.  As it happens, the guys are here at the show, so Dave come over to the boat with his diagnostic kit, and ended up taking our boiler away to be fixed, and installing a loan one that he just happened to have in his van.  Great service!  Adrian also did some other shopping, including a new chimney, and oile and air filters from the Beta stand.

At the close of the show, there was a small celebration at the Braidbar stand, to mark the firm's 30th anniversary.  There was a cake and champagne.

Later we joined the Ahabs and the Halfies in going to The Red Lion in the village for dinner.  You have to put your name down for a table when you arrive.  The menu says they don't do fast food, but we felt the three hours we waited was a bit excessive!

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