Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Cruise - Day 7

When I got back from work last night I parked in Cosgrove and walked along the tow path to Briar Rose.

This morning, without the need to get up for work, and probably still feeling the effects of the clock change, we had a rather relaxed start to the day.  After breakfast, we walked along to the caravan park shop for some rolls for lunch, then got the boat ready to set off.  We headed for Cosgrove Lock, winded above it, and headed back to Thrupp Wharf.  It was lovely and sunny, but there was a brisk and chilly wind.

At the marina, the wind was in the wrong direction to make it easy to get into our berth.  We made it at the third attempt.  After tea and cake (made by Adrian yesterday), I walked back along the tow path to Cosgrove to get the car.  My route took me through the horse tunnel under the canal.

We packed up the boat, had lunch, loaded the car, and set off.  On our drive home, we passed a Wilderness trail boat on the M40, and a new widebeam on the back of a lorry on the A34, and what looked like a very expensive yacht wrapped in plastic on a lorry on the M27.

1 mile, 0 locks.  (38 miles, 4 locks)

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