Monday, 15 April 2013

Braunston and beyond

To Braunston today for a boat test.  It was sunny (on and off), pretty warm, and not too windy.  And the daffodils were out.

After the boat test was done, I called in on Lesley and Joe on Yarwood, who were moored just along from the Stop House, and we went for lunch.  We walked up to the Admiral Nelson, which has been refurbished and re-opened.  Except that it appears they don't open on a Monday lunchtime, so we eneded up at The Plough in the village.  The ciabattas were good, and we enjoyed catching up.

After lunch, I headed for Baxter's at Kingfisher marina, where Briar Rose was repainted last year, to pick up some touch up paint -- which will also be used to paint my water can.  Thanks to everyone who's expressed an opinion; there were so many new suggestions that I'm going to produce some more prototype colour schemes incorporating some of the ideas.

Next stop was Thrupp Wharf to deliver a few things to Briar Rose, and do a quick check that everything was OK.  Then it was back in the car and home.  All in all, quite a busy day, but an enjoyable one.

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