Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A not yet final decision

Having taken on board all the comments left on the last water can post and on facebook, I'm now tending towards the design above.

A few people, including Pip, Jim, and my cousin Esther, thought the spout should be the same colour as the top part, and I think I agree.  I think there has to be some red, so the bottom band is a definite; the handle and the lid are other possibilities.  And I like the idea of the cream coach lines between the bands.

What I'm sure about is that only these four colours will be used; they're the colours from the boat, and the whole point is that they'll match.

Good decisions?


Nb Yarwood said...

That will do very nicely Adam and I look forward to seeing the finished article..

Pip - nb Windsong said...

I know you said that the bottom band was a definite but if it were me I'd swap the colours of the bottom two over so there is red between the two greens. Also, use some really decent Frog tape - we used ordinary masking tape when we painted our planters and it pulled the paint of so they ended up just black instead of black with red bands!! Pip xx

Adam said...

Pip, the reason the red is on the bottom band is because I think that will match the boat better. The cabin sides are the two greens, with the red for the handrail.

Good advice on the masking tape. I've bought Frog tape, and I've even gone for the delicate one, which is supposed to be good even for paint that hasn't hardened fully yet.

Jim said...

Adam, I think you've distilled the comments you've received very well. Looks good now.