Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Cruise - Day 6

Adam was working again today, and had to head off just before 10am.

When getting the boat ready to cruise I managed to drop the boats padlock into the cut. Thankfully Adam was able to get a replacement - the benefits of having his car close to the boat.

The weather has been overcast and dreary for most of the day, and absolutely freezing cold. The journey down to Cosgrove felt as though it would never end. I was very pleased to get inside by the fire after mooring up opposite the permanent moorings in Cosgrove. The weather has improved during the later part of the afternoon, and its now lovely and sunny.

I wandered down to the store at the caravan park to get a few supplies, and have spent the afternoon pottering on board.

Briar Rose in the afternoon sunshine

View from Cosgrove Lock

6 miles, 0 locks (37 miles, 4 locks)

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Alice ~ writer, boater, dreamer, traveller said...

We are moored near to Willen and the sunshine is now pouring in through the windows and dancing on the ceiling... let's hope it stays this way!