Sunday, 3 June 2012

Crick Show - day 2

The rain started last night, and has carried on almost non stop all day.  The amount of rain which has fallen is illustrated by the state of the towpath.  The show site is also very soggy.

Andy the photographer and I were on site at 8.30 this morning - perhaps a little too early as many of the people we needed weren't ready.  However, we managed to get the final boat visits wrapped up by just after 10.  I returned to the boat to continue writing, and it was so cold and wet that I got the chimney back out of storage and lit the fire.  The good news is that all twenty mini-reviews are pretty much written - they just need checking, and a few tweaks once the results of the Favourite Boat vote are announced on Tuesday.

This afternoon, I met up with my cousin, Jonathan, who now lives on a narrowboat on the Great Ouse.  He came to look at Briar Rose, and we wandered round the show.  The big screen in the food court was showing the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant, and there were a few people braving the rain to watch it.

We worked out that it's ten years since Jon and I last saw each other, so we adjourned to the beer tent to catch up on family news.  It was really great to see him -- and his likeness to my uncle is uncanny!

It's been exceptionally quiet at the show today; I can't remember seeing so few people on the site.  Many of the stands started closing up at 4, a couple of hours before the official end of the show.  However, the forecast for tomorrow is much better.


Anonymous said...

There was of course something else that was happening to-day on the Thames that must have had some effect on the turnout apart from the weather. Glad you got your 'work' bit completed. Forecast for tomorrw is that it should be a little better

Mother & Pupo said...

Glad you were able to meet up with Jon, and had a good time together

Mother & Pup said...

Sorry about the spelling !!!!! -
Mother & Pup

ditchcrawler said...

We spend quit a bit of time now on the Gt Ouse and were there last weekend. We thought the river was very quiet with loads of moorings.