Monday, 25 June 2012

Back to Wolverton

The moorings at Bridge 75 near Great Linford are very pleasant.  They're quiet (you can just about hear trains if you really strain), and feel much more remote than they actually are.  There's a big new housing estate just a few hundred metres away on the other side of the canal.  Another boat arrived last night, and a third moored up mid-morning.

This morning was sunny and quite warm.  I made several phone calls, researching an article I'm writing, then managed to write most of it.  A fair few boats came by while I was sitting at the dinette working, and I made a mental note of which ones slowed down and which didn't.  No Wyvern hire boats slowed at all; of the private boats, about two thirds made no effort to slow down - and one that did put full revs on for the few yards between each of the moored boats.

During the morning, a family of ducklings and their mum made regular passes along the canal.

The moorings are so nice I could easily have stayed all day, but the reason I've stayed on board is because I've got a boat test to do either tomorrow or Wednesday, so I need to be within striking distance of the car.  I set off after lunch on what had turned into a very sunny afternoon - much better than forecast.  I stopped at Wolverton and made a quick dash to Tesco to get some Bran Flakes.  I also knew that Paul from Waterway Routes was moored there, so he came and had a look at Briar Rose, and we spent some time chatting in the sunshine.

Setting off again, I decided that if there was space along from Wolverton Aqueduct I'd stop there; otherwise, I'd go up the lock.  There was lots of space, so I pulled in behind a line of boats.  I'd tied up the stern when the boat in front, a day boat, decided to set off, so I pulled Briar Rose a little further forward.  There's still plenty of room here, and the only boats to pass have headed for the lock.

At almost 6pm, the boat test for tomorrow was confirmed.  It's not until lunchtime, so I should have got plenty of time in the morning.

3.5 miles, 0 locks.  (10.5 miles, 1 lock)

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