Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cosgrove again

I came up to the boat after work this afternoon, stopping for some shopping at Wolverton on the way.  I arrived just after 4.30, and soon had the car unpacked and in the car park.  The weather seemed better than expected -- warm, dry, bright, and just a little breezy.  So because I prefer to be out of the marina rather than in it, I decided to unplug the shoreline and set off.  By 5pm I was pulling away from the pontoon and out onto the canal, heading for Cosgrove.

Once through Cosgrove Bridge, there was a man in the water, painting his boat.  He offered to do a bit on Briar Rose as I went past, but I wasn't sure the white would suit.

There were several spaces on the moorings, so I tied up opposite the long term moorers, where I know I can see the satellite and have decent internet.  I left the engine running for a little while, mainly so I'd have some hot water.  There's been a brief shower of rain so far, but there's heavy rain in the forecast for tonight.

1 mile, 0 locks.

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Paul from Waterway Routes - Maps & DVDs said...

Waterway Routes is heading your way - aiming to do Stoke Bruerne (Top) to Wolverton on Sunday. Be prepared to wave as we pass.