Monday, 25 June 2012

Buckingham Arm

As there was nothing on the tv this evening, and it was still very pleasant out, I went for a walk along the Buckingham Arm of the canal, while leaves the mainline immediately above Cosgrove Lock.  It was abandoned in the 1960s, although it had been disused for several decades before that.  The Buckingham Canal Society is working on its restoration.

The first section is still in water, and has moorings for a fair number of boats.  In fact, this is the Old Stratford Arm, which made up the first mile and a bit; the Buckingham is the next 9 miles or so into Buckingham.

At what would have been the first bridge, the canal comes to an abrupt halt, with a large dam.

Beyond, the line of the canal is clearly visible.  The Buckingham Canal Society website suggests that this area was recently cleared of vegetation, which is probably why there's nothing more substantial than stinging nettles.

Alongside there's a field of cows, with their velvety calves.

Beyond the end of the field the canal continues through some woodland.  It's in a similar condition until the A5 trunk road cuts through the canal a little further on.  I gave up before this point, as the towpath in this section was very muddy.

Next month, the Bucking Canal Society is having its annual festival at Cosgrove, to raise funds for the restoration.

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