Friday, 20 May 2011


To Thurmaston this morning for a boat test.  The sun stayed out, so there should be plenty of good pictures.  There were quite a few boats on the move, too.  The picture is Thurmaston Lock.

On the way back to Briar Rose, we called in to Makro next to the M1 at Leicester to buy a small vacuum cleaner.  Not only was it considerably cheaper than in most shops, it also turned out to be £5 cheaper than the label on the shelf!

Back at the boat, we made a start on the rewiring of the macerator loo.  It took about an hour to run the two 6mm cables from the bathroom to the engine room, which involved unscrewing lots of panels under the gunwales.  Some were quite awkward to get at.  Adrian has worked out where things go in the electrical cupboard, so we'll connect everything up in the morning.  We had to pop into Rugby to get some crimping connectors, and while we were there we bought some vinyl tiles for the shower room floor.  That's another job for tomorrow!

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Lesley NB Caxton said...

Could this test be 'Chance'?