Thursday, 19 May 2011

Any excuse

We're back up at Brinklow again.  The excuse (actully, it's virtually a real reason) is that I'm doing a boat test tomorrow near Leicester, and it was much easier to do the majority of the journey this afternoon.  And as we now have a midland base, why not use it?

I finished my night shifts this morning, had a sleep on the train, did some jobs and some shopping, and set off to pick up Adrian from work.  On the way, I called in to an electrical wholesaler, to collect some 6mm cable I'd ordered online, for re-wiring the loo.  Having had another look, I'm still baffled by the fuse panel and electrical cupboard.

We arrived about 5pm, and Adrian set about installing a car radio in the cupboard under the tv.  Parts of the saloon shelving unit had to be dismantled to hide the cables for the shelf speakers, and the wiring of the radio itself took a bit of working out, but it's now working well.

After dinner, we went for a walk round the marina.  It was a lovely still evening, so there were some great reflections in the water.

The forecast for tomorrow keeps changing, but I like the one they've settled on this evening: sunny all morning, and sunny intervals in the afternoon.  That'll do nicely.

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Bruce in Sanity said...


I think the main wiring for Briar Rose will have been done by Ian Grindrod, who's still at Braidbar, though he may be on sick leave for an op by now.

You might also confer with Ian Stockton, the new owner of Sanity, who knows a bit about these things.

He's the electrical engineering officer on the Stranraer - Larne ferry! Contact him via the Owners Group, obviously.