Friday, 20 May 2011

Debdale share sold

We're delighted to say that our shares in Debdale have now been sold.  One of the existing owners bought the fraction of a share, while the whole share has been bought by a couple who've been hiring for many years.

We wish them all many happy years cruising Debdale, and look forward to seeing them on the cut (although that'll probably feel rather strange!)


Halfie said...

Wow - that was quick! Well done!

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Hi both - Wow, how did I miss all this - I can't have been reading your Debdale blog lately, so it was with a great shock that I saw today that you'd sold your share - I went to the blog proper (usually read it in Google Reader) and caught up. Then logged on to your Briar Rose blog and had a great half hour or so catching up again. Rog and I are really pleased for you both that you've finally got a boat of your very own. We wish you much pleasure with her, and can't wait to meet you on the cut at some point, when I hope you'll let me have a good nosy! Congratulations!!
Pip & Rog

Jill and Graham said...

Debdale was moored in front of us at Nantwich.