Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sea Otter on test, and the rest

The June edition of Canal Boat is out, and contains three (three!) of my pieces.  First, there's a boat test of a little Sea Otter.

Next, somewhat ironically, is an article about shared ownership.  This was originally written months ago to go alongside the boat test on the BCBM boat, but was held back for some reason that I've now forgotten.

Finally, there's a piece about having a boat survey, based on our experience with Briar Rose.

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Halfie said...

I've read the first two, but haven't got to the survey write-up yet. Ironic was just the word I used when pointing out the shared ownership article to Jan!

It seemed to be ages before this (next) month's (June's, anyway, unless they're calling it July's) CB dropped through the letter box. Perhaps I read the last one too quickly.