Monday, 30 May 2011

Crick Boat Show

It's been an exhausting weekend.  On Friday afternoon, we travelled down to Weymouth and stayed with Adrian's mum.  On Saturday morning we continued on to Saltash in Cornwall, where we went to a wedding.  We were up bright and early on Sunday morning for the long drive from Cornwall to Crick, where we arrived before lunchtime.

During the afternoon, Andy the photographer and I looked at fourteen boats.  Adrian got rather bored, and disappeared off to Briar Rose to do some jobs, including fitting a kitchen bin inside one of the galley doors, and putting a new plank on the roof.  We stayed the night in Northampton, at a hotel booked long before we had our own boat!

This morning was dry in Northampton, but wet at Crick.  We arrived back at the showground at 9am, and Andy and I were able to get another three boats looked at before the gates opened.  We completed our twenty boat target before lunch.  I have masses of notes on all twenty, which is just as well as they're all beginning to merge into one.

It's been great to see lots of people we knew, including Bruce and Sheila from Sanity Again, Neil and Kath from Herbie, some of the owners of Debdale, the owners of Revilo (who moor two next door but one to us at Brinklow), and Doug and James from Chance.

We came home via Briar Rose, where we fitted some LED bulbs we bought at a special show price.  We've also brought home all the curtains for washing before our first big trip, which begins in less than a fortnight.

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